ello and welcome to the beta site of The MK Corp. Project and the home of the Fast and Fair, Computer Repair! Now, some of you may be asking yourself "$40! That's outrageously cheap!" Well, yes, yes it is. I could easily charge upwards of about $75 PER HOUR to bring you this service, so why be cheapy on my rates? The economy. Our country has relied on money to trickle down from the government in the form of a "Stimulus Plan". Well, this is MY stimulus plan to my fellow Americans in this time of need, and that's why I am doing this. Your wallets stay full while your computer(s) get fixed; It's that simple.

Now that I have given you some insight on WHY I am doing this, now here's a little about myself. When I was about six years old my 2 uncles introduced me into computers. My oldest uncle was more towards computer gaming, whereas my youngest uncle was about hardware/software and fixing computers. Since I can remember, I was brought up in a computer environment and have learned exponentially from my uncles up until I got my own PC in about 1994 with DOS 5 and Windows 3.1. Back in those days, I would mess with, break, and infect myself viruses so I would have the pleasure of fixing and disinfecting the computer. I have been there to embrace the newest of technologies all the way up until recent days. Computers are my life, my passion much in the way Michael Jordan was born to play basketball. I work hard and diligently to fix and problem and if I can't, I utilize my resources until I have a resolution. These days, I have done work for companies such as CHW Hospitals, Guaranty Bank, Kaiser Permanente and various small businesses around the central valley and the bay area.

That being said, don't be afraid to shoot me an e-mail or give me a call and we can get something setup.

-- MK